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A replacement has been announced.


Guitarist Christian Münzner has split with Alkaloid after 10 years, and is being replaced by his fellow Eternity's End bandmate Justin Hombach. Alkaloid is now Hombach, guitarist and vocalist Morean (Noneuclid), drummer Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science, Triptykon, Eternity's End), and bassist Linus Klausenitzer (Obsidious).

"We are sad to announce that Christian Münzner has left Alkaloid due to unforeseen personal and logistical circumstances, and hence won't be joining us any longer for our upcoming shows," wrote Alkaloid of the split.

"These last 12 years together have been a wild and inspiring ride. Chris was an important part of this band since the beginning, and both he as a person and his so often spectacular guitar and composing work will be missed very much for sure. He's always been a joy to hang out with, and a hundred percent reliable on stage and in the studio, even in the roughest of circumstances. We have full understanding for the reasons that forced him to take this decision, and wish him only the best of luck with all his future endeavors.

"However, we are also happy and excited (and more than a little relieved!) to report that Justin Hombach will take over Chris' guitar duties for all Alkaloid shows this year. So fear not, fans of insane guitar playing! We don't plan to slow down even one tiny bit, and as the preparations for our extensive Bach project and metal shows are picking up speed, we promise we'll be breaking all fingers, wrists and necks we have to blow you away in concert this year.

"Massive thanks to both Chris and Justin for being there for us. We are honored to have world class guitarists like both of them giving their time and considerable talent to the madness that is Alkaloid, and we can't wait to hit the stages again at long last!"

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