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Best Buy To Stop Selling CDs In July, Target Also Considering Pulling The Format

Target is making a decision by either April or May.

Target is making a decision by either April or May.

Well this is a bit of a bummer for CD collectors, but Best Buy is pulling the format from its stores come July 1.If you've been in a Best Buy within the past two years or so, this really shouldn't be a surprise. The CD selections are often tucked away toward the back of the store and are usually a mess without any real order to them. According to Billboard, Best Buy's U.S. CD sales generally average about $40 million per year, though the sales of the format were down 18.5% last year in the United States. Best Buy will continue to supply vinyl for the next year years and then phase that out as well.

Target is also considering pulling the format from its shelves, though are bargaining with labels over the decision. Target is asking music suppliers to be compensated per CD sales instead of buying in bulk. According to the same article, currently "Target takes the inventory risk by agreeing to pay for any goods it is shipped within 60 days, and must pay to ship back unsold CDs for credit." Target is aiming to either close the deal or to discontinue carrying the format by either April 1 or May 1.

As a collector of CDs, I personally would be quite bummed if this was the true beginning of the final end of the format, but things aren't looking too great right now.

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