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BELPHEGOR To Release "Obscure And Brutal" Album In April 2017

Kind of far in advance, right?

Kind of far in advance, right?

Austrian death/black metal unit Belphegor are gearing up for a new record, though you're not going to hear it until April 2017. According to guitarist and vocalist Helmuth, the album will be comprised of nine songs and will showcase the band taking things "to the next level" as musicians. The album will also be tuned "really low," which could be cool?

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Regardless, Belphegor has historically been a good band, so my expectations for the record are at least fairly high.

“We’ve just finished the fourth rehearsal session. The process consisted of 13 exhausting, creative days in a row. Nine compositions took form and already sound massive. It’s important to me that we get better, tighter, raise the dynamics, and have each musician develop his skills with his instruments to bring our sound to the next level. We’ve always done our own thing and continue to do so.

Live ceremonies are still the essence of Belphegor, touring worldwide is our main priority after writing and releasing new musick for our loyal supporters. The new, currently untitled album will be our most obscure and brutal one. It’s the first time we’ve tuned our guitars to H5 and #A6, which is really low, and will add a new touch to our sound. Release date will be in April 2017! We’re forever on fire and ready for new challenges. Progress is experimentation and improvement. An honour – this horror.”

I wonder if Helmuth means "G5" and not "H5" as far as tuning goes, considering "H" isn't a note… unless it's something I'm not aware of, which is very possible. That, of Belphegor has invented a new low.

In the meantime, you can check out a song that was recently written and may appear on the new record, as well as grab the dates for the band's tour with Origin.

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