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BEHEMOTH singer got beef with Poland over bible burnings; seemingly can't take a Polish joke

The video above features Poland's own BEHEMOTH playing a show in their home country. And if you watch the clip, at around 45 seconds in, frontman Nergal (an all around awesome dude) called the Catholic Church "the most murderous cult on the planet" before tearing up the Bible, stating, "they call it the Holy Book, I call this the book of lies. Fuck the shit, fuck the hypocrisy." That deserves some ASCII horns: \m/

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Who would have thought that somebody in Poland would actually get mad about this? Turns out, Behemoth has some fans in the government, as Ryszard Nowak, who heads the All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects, has reportedly registered an official complaint with the authorities in Poland. Boo fricken hoo! This is the same douche who compiled a list of br00tal bands that he felt "promote Satanism" through their music and distributed it to various Polish officials in an attempt to get the artists banned from performing in Poland. No word yet on if Behemoth will be facing any charges.

In unrelated BEHEMOTH news, a new article in Vice mentions an interview with Nergal, where the interviewer spent the whole time spewing Polish jokes. I'm not sure if this interview actually happened or not, cause Nergal seems like a smart guy to me who can take a joke, but this was too hilarious not to reprint:

I once interviewed a metal band from Poland called Behemoth. I’d never heard of them and only really wanted to interview them so I could use the setup lines of Polish jokes as the interview questions. I wish you could hear the tapes. The lead singer went for it hook, line, and sinker. “Did you hear what happened to the Polish national hockey team?” I asked. “No,” he said. “They all drowned in spring training!” I told him, biting my lip not to laugh through the phone. He sounded sad when he said, “Oh my God. When did this happen? I have not heard about this. I always read the newspaper and I did not see any mention of this. That is awful.” Oh, he was precious. It was like shooting barrels of fish in a barrel-of-fish warehouse. Things got a bit heated when I asked, “Why do you think the Poles were so easily defeated by the Nazis?” He thought he knew the answer to that one, “My people were unprepared, they had a very small, weak army and weren’t ready for the Nazis.” “Nope, that’s not it,” I said, “The Nazis marched into Poland backward and the Polacks thought they were leaving!” This incensed him. He started yelling. “That is false! That is completely incorrect! I am a history major in university and I know that is not true! It was because our armies were weak and unprepared!” It went on like this for 25 minutes. He never caught on. At the end I thanked him for his time, then said I had just one more question: “How do you keep a Polack in suspense?” “I’m not sure, how?” he said and with that, I hung up on him.

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