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BEHEMOTH Members Launch Black Metal Vinyl Reissue Label, ULVER's 1993 Demo Up First

Really nice versions of the classics, coming soon.

Vargnatt Reissue

Behemoth frontman Nergal and bassist Orion have launched a sub-label named Artefacts. The label, which lives under Behemoth's New Aeon Musick label, will reissue classic black metal albums "enriched with a unique connection of vintage print and paper making methods invented in the XVth century." So basically really nice versions of black metal gems with a bunch of extra goodies.

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First up on the label is Ulver's 1993 demo Vargnatt, available for pre-order here.

"I'm officially bursting with pride!" said Nergal. "Not just another re-release but a stunning state of the ART collector item is what we are presenting here: Ulver, one of the pioneers of the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal and my personal favorites is THE first of many releases to be released under the banner of ARTEFACTS! Strictly limited to 500, these are all signed by Garm himself! Enjoy!"

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