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BAND-MAID Is A Japanese All Girl Rock Band Who Dress Like Maids, For Real!

Posted by on July 2, 2015 at 12:35 pm

Babymetal is perhaps the most divisive group we write about. Their naysayers call them posers, saying they don't really like metal or play their own instruments. Well don't worry naysayers… Japan has a group just for you, and their name is Band-Maid.

And they dress like maids. Because it's in their name. Guitar World just made me aware of this group, who have been rockin and rolling for a while, and they definitely rock. The group is fronted by Saiki, with Miku on guitar and backing vocals, Kanami Touno on guitar, MISA rocking the bass and Akane Hirose on drums. Take a look at this video they posted two weeks ago:

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Last year, they released their first single, which was more of an introductory video and rocks just as equally:

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The one thing that bothers me about the act is why the hell are they dressed like maids? I mean, I think I know why they are dressed like maids… to appeal to males who might have a cleaning fetish or enjoy subservient women, and that's the part I can't get past. For those thinking I'm reading too much into this, take a look at all the band promo photos…

band maid 2015

band maid 2015 2

band maid 2015 3

They are clearly sexualizing these young girls with the maid outfits, which is kinda gross. But at the same time, I'm digging the jams.

Are female girl rock groups the next big thing in Asia? We have Babymetal of course, Baid Maid and the Korean knock-off Printz. Are more coming in the future?

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