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Axl Rose Loves Trailer Park Boys So Much, He Took Bubbles On Tour With Him

And it's all because of Sebastian Bach!

And it's all because of Sebastian Bach!

Did you catch Sebastian Bach when he called into the RIP a Livecast this past Sunday? Baz was an excellent guest, being incredibly open about the dissenstion with his former band, Skid Row, the state of radio and even his time on Gilmore Girls. But the most interesting factoid came when we asked about Baz's notable appearances on the cult series Trailer Park Boys. Baz started explaning how it happened and then revealed that he turned Guns N Roses main man Axl Rose onto the show, and Axl liked it so much, he took the actor who plays Bubbles, Mike Smith, on the road!

I think Brian Vollmer of [Canadian band] Helix gave me the e-mail of Bubbles and I told him how much I loved it and then they got me on the show. I'm on a bunch of those. I brought Trailer Park Boys on tour with me in Canada when we were opening for Guns N Roses in 2007 and I showed Axl [Rose] an episode featuring Alex Lifeson and I've never seen him laugh so hard. So he became friends with Bubbles and ended up flying out Bubbles all over the world. I'd be opening up forĀ Guns N Roses in Australia and Bubbles would just be there hanging out, smoking dope [laughs]. It's a great show. Very funny.

The story absolutely checks out as there are multiple bootlegs of Bubbles onstage at a GNR show playing his song "Liquor and Whores"

Here's a great clip of Baz on the show:

And if you're too lazy to listen to the whole episode of the Livecast, here is just the interview with Sebastian, a must-hear!

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