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Black metal band HIEMS is down to one member now, founding member Algol. Algol will play all instruments for the bands second album, currently titled “Worship Or Die”, due out through Moribund Records. Until then, a new song has been uploaded to HIEMS MySpace page.

GOD FORBID have posted the 6th website of their ongoing series, “GFTV” at MySpace. They’re currently working on a new DVD and album.

POSSESSED have had the songs from their 1984 demo, “Death Metal”, posted online for download at

PSYOPUS have posted the song “Whore Meet Liar” at their MySpace page. The song comes from their latest album, “Our Puzzling Encounters Considered”. PSYOPUS have also announced that they will write material for a new album.

CHIMAIRA have posted a video online performing the song “Pure Hatred” at this location.

OUR DYING CONCEPT have announced that they have signed a record deal with Rising Records. The band is scheduled to enter the studio March 2008 to record their debut album. Currently you can hear a song at their MySpace page.

DESTROYER DESTROYER have posted their entire new album, “Littered With Arrows” online at GoodFellow Records (make sure you wait to allow it to load). The album will be released July 17th through Goodfellow.

HATEBREED have had their live set from Hovefestivalen posted online at this location.

DISTORTED have sign a 3 album deal with Candlelight Records. The band is planning to enter the studio to record their second album for 2008. Until then, you can hear an mp3 of the song “Redemption” at this location, and get more info at their official website.

GENGHIS TRON have posted the demo song “Colony Collapse” at their MySpace page. The band will record their upcoming album for Relapse at Godcity Studios with Kurt Ballou producing.

CRIONICS have posted the song “New Pantheon” at the Candlelight Records MySpace page. The song comes from their forthcoming album, “NeuThrone”, due out July 31st through Candelight Records in North America.

BYZANTINE mainman OJ Ojeda has posted his comments on the worst he-man characters at the Deciblog. Byzantine have also posted the cover art for their upcoming album, “Oblivion Beckons” at their MySpace page. The album is scheduled for a September release through Prosthetic Records.

FUCK…I’M DEAD have posted a live video of themselves playing the song “Anal Abattoir” online at MySpace.

SONS OF AZRAEL have posted some new songs from their upcoming album, “Conjuration Of Vengeance”, at their MySpace page. The album is due out August 7th via Ironclad Recordings.

WOLFPACK UNLEASHED have inked a deal with Napalm Records to have their album, “Anthems Of Resistance”, to get a release September 28th in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and October 1st in the rest of Europe. You can hear some songs at their MySpace page.

THE END have posted the video for the song “Throwing Stones” at Much Music. (You’ll need to click the right video in order to view it).

HIGH ON FIRE have posted the song “The Rumors Of War” at their MySpace page. The song comes from their forthcoming album, “Death Is This Communion”, due out September 18th via Relapse Records.

AS I LAY DYING will post the track “Within Destruction” at their MySpace page on Monday. The song comes from their forthcoming album, “An Ocean Between Us” due out August 21st through Metal Blade.

KHANN have posted the song “Silver Mouth” at their MySpace page. The song comes from their upcoming release, “Tufotopia” due out later this year through Black Market Activities.

DEAD TO THIS WORLD, the band featuring former Immortal bass player Iscariah, have announced that their debut album will be titled “First Strike for Spiritual Renewance”. Currently, you can hear some demo songs at their MySpace page.

CAMILLA RHODES have posted the song “The Onyx Sun” at their MySpace page.

MINDGRINDER have posted 3 pre-production songs at their MySpace page.

BOWEL have posted some new songs online at their MySpace page.

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