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A/V Roundup – DARKTHRONE, ISISION, THE MINOR TIMES, CANDIRIA, and a bunch of bands you don't know

ZONARIA has posted a medley of their upcoming album, “Infamy and the Breed” at their MySpace page. The album will be released September 4th in North America through Pivotal Recordings.

Finnish band BLADESMITH has posted the song, titled “Battle on Ice and Snow”, at the Dungeons Deep record label site. The song comes from their forthcoming album, “Legion Of Swords”, due out September via Dungeons Deep Records.

BREEDAPART have signed a record deal with Hardface Records to have the label release their recently finished EP titled, “Wars Within the Mind are Fatal”. A release date is pending. Until then, you can hear a song at their MySpace page.

A Swedish group featuring NIGHTRAGE members Jimmie Strimell (vocals), Alex Sveningsson (drums) and Henric Carlsson (bass) have started a side project named Dead By April. You can hear some songs at their MySpace page.

SCULPTURED, a band featuring members of WINDS and AGALLOCH, have finished their new album, titled “Embodiment”. Paul McKee (DESERTS OF TRAUN, THOLUS) will mix the album. You can hear some songs at their MySpace page.

CANDIRIA have posted a new song titled “I S” at their MySpace page.

THE MINOR TIMES have posted and e-card for their new album, titled “Summer of wolves” here. The album was released June 26th through Prosthetic Records.

PROFANE OMEN have posted the video for “Rewind” in the media section of their official website. The song comes from their album “Beaten Into Submission” released last year through Dethrone Music. PROFANE OMEN also have an EP titled “Disconnected”, to be released in the fall.

INSISION have set September 26th through Dental Records as the release date for “Ikon”. You can view the cover art, and listen to the song “Doubt Denied” at the Dental Records MySpace page.

DARKTHRONE have posted the song “Canadian Metal” at this location. The song comes their forthcoming EP, titled “NWOBHM”, which is due out July 23rd via Peaceville Records.

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