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ATTILA's Chris Fronzak Accused Of Sexual Assault, Grooming An Underage Girl; Responds Claiming His Ex-Girlfriend Is Just Mad He Cheated On Her

Attila frontman Chris Fronzak is being accused of sexual assault and grooming an underage girl. In a response, Fronzak claims that the accuser is exaggerating the situation and that Fronz's ex-girlfriend is behind this.

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In a Twitter thread, a woman named Roxy Vienna claims that Fronzak "manipulated and guilt tripped" her into sleeping with him, essentially grooming her. She claims he got her blackout drunk multiple times to get her to consent to things she didn't want to do. She claims they first started hooking up when she was 17. She says that she initially lied to him and said she was 19, when she was 17 at the time. While she remembers her first time hooking up with Fronzak, she claims that "I was so drunk i wasn't in the right state to consent. I also only remembered that this happened like a month after the show."

She said she returned the next year to a show, hoping that if she brought a friend it would be safer. She went to hang out, but told him she did not want to hook up, because she knew he was in a relationship. She also said she told him that she was underage when they hooked up last year, and claims his response was "I know you lied to me about your age and I don't even care but now you have to make it up to me."

She claims while she and her friend were hanging out on the bus with the band that Fronz went to his bunk and started messaging her to hook up again, but she was not comfortable doing so.

After posting her statement, she shared screenshots of other anonymous people who reached out to her with similar statements. We posted her entire tweet thread below.

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According to Loudwire, Fronzak responded via video message to her tweets. Fronzak claims he was just "very hospitable" and that he's always handing out drinks, but never forcing anybody to drink. He claims they did not hook up the first time they met, but says that when they met a year later, she told him she lied about her age and his response was "Which was really offsetting and I’m upset about myself for knowing that and still hanging out with her, but we had a good time that night, once again, nobody was blackout. We hooked up and that was that."

He then blames his ex-girlfriend "for playing a very large role in this" because Fronz cheated on her.

Here is her entire statement.

Fron'z response:

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