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ATTILA Vocalist Chris Fronzak Wants To Buy & Resurrect Warped Tour

"I might as well take over my favorite tour & create a legacy for the future generations to come. The world needs it."

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Warped Tour was founded in 1995 by Kevin Lyman and ran up until 2018 as a nation-wide summer festival. Warped Tour had one final run in 2019 as a three-date event and then hung it up for good. Kerrang! recently interviewed Lyman as a part of their new Inside Track podcast, where he revealed that the tour came to an end because he just wasn't feeling it anymore. Lyman said the tour was "‘90% about the community and 10% about the money," further stating that it was never really about the money.

In the same episode, Lyman also cited Attila as one of the more divisive bands to have ever taken part in the tour (as transcribed by The PRP).

“And then people would come up to me and say ‘Well I don’t wanna be on ‘Warped Tour‘ cause Attila‘s on ‘Warped Tour‘. And I’d say ‘have you met the guys on Attila‘ [and they’d say] ‘No, I just don’t like their music. ‘suck my fuck’, what the fuck is that?’ I’m going ‘look we’re not here to judge each others music. The fans will judge each others music. Attila brings people. Do I personally run around singing ‘suck my fuck?’ No. Do you? No.’

But you know what… They’re good musicians and they’re not bad people. I’ve never seen them do a bad thing to someone. Some of the stuff he [Attila‘s Chris Fronzak] says, maybe, is just more stupidity [laughs.]

But if you sit with him, he has a reason because he says some things and it may not agree with your reason, but that was the… You could have diverse opinions and we’re only a microcosm of society now, because we can’t accept diverse opinions in the same room."

Attila vocalist Chris Fronzak caught wind of the mention and has since taken to Twitter to pitch Lyman on buying the festival from him.

I really want to bring @VansWarpedTour back. Let's set up a meeting soon @KevinLyman. I promise I won't let you down.

I've been in the music scene for over 15 years, I've built a legacy, I created a lifestyle, a record label, I even bought out my favorite record label growing up. I might as well take over my favorite tour & create a legacy for the future generations to come. The world needs it.

I've honestly been thinking about this for 2 years now. In this time period I've formulated a business plan and setup that would be viable for both bands and @VansWarpedTour itself. I have a chip on my shoulder and I wanna prove to the world that rock isn't dead.

Let's face it – it would be at least a little interesting to see what would come out of Fronzak's Warped Tour.

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