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Apparently TOM MORELLO & POST MALONE Wrote A Track Together That's The "Beat It" For A New Generation

"It's sick!" Morello swears.

tom morello rage against the machine
Photo: Raph PH

In what would be history repeating itself more than forty years later, could another pop and rock icon collaboration make it to the top of the charts—and, broadly speaking, be generally accepted as a sick jam, too? Quite possibly, as one guitar hero just recently dropped some info on his collab with a pop icon, just as Eddie Van Halen did with Michael Jackson on Jackson's 1982 smash hit "Beat It."

While chatting with Allison Hagendorf on her show, Tom Morello talked about a song he's written with Post Malone, and Morello thinks the track could very well be Malone's "Beat It" for the ages. One small snag, though: Posty can't seem to find time to finish the track, laments the songwriter and Rage Against the Machine guitarist.

“We worked out a pretty sick jam… [it] felt like it could be, for him, like his 'Beat It'— Michael Jackson, a big pop star, paired with Eddie Van Halen and made something that no-one had expected. ‘This could be your 'Beat It,' dude!’" exclaimed Morello.

Talking about how the jam all went down, the Rage guitarist recalled, “We went into the studio together one night. I had heard that he was a fan of rock and so I went by."

Morello continued, saying "First of all, he’s just a lovely, lovely person. He is trippy. You know how some people have guitar techs, or drum techs… he had a Coors Light tech! There was a guy whose sole job apparently was just make sure there is a stack of cold Coors Light… It took about four hours of sitting around with Coors Light before we did any recording."

Suffice to say, that's probably why the track never got finished. Still, every time the pair catch up, Morello reminds Malone of the jam. "I’m like, ‘You’re still dropping the ball on that one.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, man, I’m gonna do that.’ I’m like, ‘Okay," Morello says with a chuckle. "It’s sick!”

You can watch the complete interview with Tom Morello and Allison Hagendorf just below.

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