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ANTHRAX's SCOTT IAN On Backing Tracks: "Whatever It Takes To Get The Show On"


Backing tracks have been a hot topic of debate over the past few years, with some musicians feeling that every show should be 100% live, while others are fine with a little embellishment to bring the songs to life. Personally, I'm on the latter's side – if it's gonna make the show sound great alongside the band performing the music, who cares? I sure as hell don't wanna see a band like Dimmu Borgir without backing tracks.

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In an interview with the Syncin' Stanley YouTube channel, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian expressed a similar sentiment about backing tracks. Or in his own words, "whatever it takes to get a show on, I think. It's all part of the show."

"Obviously, I'm aware that this is something that's going on these days now that the technology has made it possible to do these kind of things," said Ian. "And my opinion is I really don't care. I don't care what artists do or what bands do to make their show happen. My opinion is that it's hard out there for bands and artists these days; it's never been tougher. And whatever it takes to get a show on, I think. It's all part of the show. This is just new technology that people aren't accepting yet. That's just my opinion."

Ian continued, speaking on the use of AI in music and how it really just comes down to how you want to enjoy music. Which frankly, is the most level-headed of opinions. Isn't music made to be enjoyed in countless ways by people with countless amounts of tastes and preferences?

"Really, who cares? You know what I mean? If it's something you don't like, then you have the choice. You have the choice as a consumer to spend your money or not spend your money. And, really, that's what it comes down to. So why there's a big deal about it, honestly, I don't care.

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"I will say this. I did hear an AI version of Bon Scott singing on 'You Shook Me All Night Long' yesterday online, and it gave me the chills — in a good way. So, whatever. I love that. I'm sure if there was other AI stuff I heard, I'd probably maybe have a different opinion on it. It all just comes down to what it is and how it moves you."

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