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ANTHRAX Singer JOEY BELLADONNA Would "Love The Challenge" Of Fronting JOURNEY

"I would definitely be really interested in doing that."


It is possible that Journey could be looking for a new lead singer in the future? If so, Anthrax’s frontman Joey Belladonna would be up for the challenge.

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In a recent interview with Mike Hsu of the 100 FM The Pike radio station, Belladonna revealed that he would be interested in fronting Journey if he was asked. Belladonna has been playing sporadic shows with his Journey tribute band, Beyond Frontiers, and has said that he has always been a fan of the band's music.

“Many times I've done the crew soundcheck, and I've spent many days with the band overall. I don't even wanna go into it, but we did a lot of stuff together here and there on shows that they did over the years. So, and I know 'em and I've been in touch with Deen Castronovo – current Journey drummer – a lot.”

"You know, I would definitely be really interested in doing that. That would be great. Not that I think that that's gonna happen, but, yeah, it would be great. I'd love that challenge."

"I've been singing Journey stuff throughout the years," Belladonna replied when asked why he decided to form a Journey tribute band. "I've always liked the music so much. I've owned all the music. I liked Journey long before Steve Perry even came. I have all those records, so I was really into the band a lot. But of course, when Steve came along, I was down with singing that live somewhere. And I just put it together and said I wanted to do a whole night of it. I just thought it would be fun, and it looked like a blast. And we do have a blast doing it."

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Belladonna's Beyond Frontiers band features keyboardist Doug Carter, bassist Paul Arntz, guitarist Matt Basford, and drummer Justin Ward.

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