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Andreas Kisser Doesn't Regret SEPULTURA Split With Max Cavalera

A lot of really interesting stuff has come up recently regarding Sepultura's split with the Cavalera brothers. From Max Cavalera saying the band was taken hostage to current Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser saying the Cavalera brothers up and bailed, it's been a little "he said/she said." Now Kisser is saying he doesn't even care!

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For a dude that "doesn't care," he's been giving some pretty in-depth answers to the questions lately. Though I guess maybe he just wants to get all the information out there so people know what happened? Kisser recently told Guitar World (by way of Blabbermouth) that he doesn't regrest the split at all, saying:

"To talk about regrets is weird. You learn from all the stuff that happens in your life, especially from the mistakes and all the fucked-up things that happen. You really have to let the anger go and think reasonably to resolve things. So I have no regrets.

"I know it was really hard for us to keep everything in place at that time. A lot of stuff was happening and we were growing very fast Max and Gloria [Max's wife and Sepultura's then-manager] were marrled with kids, and she was always on the road with us. She was more like a tour manager than a manager, and that really got in the way of how Sepultura always was: four guys going everywhere in the world and doing stuff. That's why we never had problems on the stage or inside the practice room, because nobody went in there except us four. That was our sacred place where we managed to put all the problems away and really jam and enjoy. So everything was kind of a mess, and after we said that we wanted to replace Gloria with another manager, Max basically said fuck off and left. With the band he formed, Soulfly, he basically just kept the same structure that we took 10 years to build — recording in the same studio where we did Roots, using the same producer, the same mixer… everything.

"For us, we really had no choice but to start from scratch and find a new manager and new singer. But like I said, you learn from those bad moments and from struggle. We have such a great structure now, with great people working with us — a great label and a great album. Sometimes when one door closes, 10 more open. And to play with them agaln — who knows? That's not my plan. There's nothing in place for that to happen."

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Those last two sentences make me wonder a little- would there ever be a reunion? Both parties seem a little sore about the whole thing, sure, but this was a long-ass time ago! Obviously the answer is "more than likely not," but weirder shit has happened.

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