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ALL THAT REMAINS' Phil Labonte Is Not A Homophobe, Just An Idiot

Remember when I called All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte a homophobic asshole for calling Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack "a faggot."

This happened over a year ago, but for some reason, Revolver Magazine decided to discuss the issue further, and Labonte, being a total labonte, stood his ground:

How about when you called Andy Biersack a faggot? After that, you had a lot of people call you homophobic.
I don’t worry about what people think about me. I’ll call everyone in my band a faggot and some people who read that get really butt-hurt. I just don’t know why. What happened to, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”? I don’t advocate hurting someone’s feelings because of their sexual orientation, but at the same time, if it really offends you when someone says “faggot” you need to man up. It’s just a word.

As I mentioned on the Livecast, the appropriate follow-up question would be "Does that mean you also use the word 'nigger' since it's just a word?" but instead Revolver went with this softball:

Do you think gay marriage is wrong?
Absolutely not. Passing laws against gay marriage is the most ridiculous thing in the world. The idea that gay people shouldn’t enjoy the same rights that straight people do, that’s offensive to me, because they’re just people, and it certainly isn’t my right to go ahead and tell people how they can live or cannot live.

I will give credit where credit is due, Labonte always spoke favorably about gay marriage rights but that still does not excuse his idiotic use of "faggot," for the same exact reason the "nigger" is inexcusable to use in similar connotation. Has Phil not seen this Louie scene about the origin of the word?

Maybe to make things go over a little easier, here are two not-at-all homoerotic photos of Phil Labonte freely available on the internet:

ALL THAT REMAINS' Phil Labonte Is Not A Homophobe, Just An Idiot

ALL THAT REMAINS' Phil Labonte Is Not A Homophobe, Just An Idiot

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