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ALL THAT REMAINS Frontman Says Unreleased Oli Herbert Material From Last Record Exists

"The label has them, so we'll see what they decide they want to do."

All That Remains' 2018 album Victim Of The New Disease was unfortunately their final effort with guitarist Oli Herbert, whose death is currently under investigation. The band has since recruited ex-Born Of Osiris guitarist Jason Richardson and will continue on with new material at some point.

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In a recent interview with 100.5 The KATT, frontman Phil Labonte says there are more than just the 10 songs released on Victim Of The New Disease recorded during those sessions. Whether or not they'll be released is up to Razor & Tie.

"There's some other songs that didn't make it to Victim, so it's possible that people will hear other stuff from the Victim sessions. The label has them, so we'll see what they decide they want to do. We felt like the 10 songs that made it on to Victim, we were, like, 'These are the ones that make the most sense for us to put as a collection of songs.' There's no other, like, hidden riffs or anything like that, so anything that we write for the next record that we do, that will be something that I imagine will be heavily influenced [by] and there will be heavy contributions from Jason Richardson."

All That Remains will tour in May with UnearthBig Story and The 9th Planet Out.

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