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ALL THAT REMAINS Can't Do Anything With Oli Herbert's Name On It

Not even benefits.

all that remains phil labonte oli herbert

All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert passed away at 44 years old in October 2018. Police are treating Herbert's death as suspicious and are actively investigating, though vocalist Phil Labonte has made it known he's not pleased with the lack of arrests.

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In the meantime, Labonte reveals to American Songwriter that the band can't use Herbert's name for anything. That includes hosting benefits for Herbert, or even starting charities or additional projects in his name, due to Herbert’s wife Elizabeth holding things up.

“We talked about ideas to do a benefit to raise money for kids in schools, but we can’t do anything that has his name on it,” Labonte said.

Labonte made clear that Herbert's estate has been continuously paid ever since his death.

“We’ve made sure that that our accountants and all the people that work with us know any money that is owed to Oli Herbert’s estate must be paid to Oli Herbert’s estate,” Labonte said. “And we have absolutely no interest in not paying. It’s not worth any kind of hassle for the amount of money.”

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All That Remains has since been joined by guitarist Jason Richardson, who Labonte said Herbert was impressed with.

“It was funny because it was like, Oli was almost a little intimidated, I guess,” adds Labonte.”He was like ‘this kid’s like 17 years old and better than me.’ And so when Oli passed away, we couldn’t think of another person out there that he would have rather had play in that spot.”

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