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ALICE IN CHAINS Vocalist William DuVall Names Song He's Most Proud Of Writing

Posted by on November 30, 2019 at 9:15 am

Alice In Chains vocalist William DuVall recently sat down with Kerrang! to discuss the songs that changed his life. DuVall named "Man In The Box" as the first Alice In Chains song he ever heard, though mentioned "Would?" is probably his favorite.

"I heard 'Man In The Box' first, but the song that really made me take notice was 'Would?'. What got me was the ‘Am I wrong?’ bit at the end, which was such an unusual harmonic turn. I’ve definitely had a few ‘How did I get here?’ moments while performing both of those songs since."

DuVall also named "Never Fade" as the song he's most proud of writing with Alice In Chains. DuVall said he and guitarist Jerry Cantrell worked together on the track and just absolutely nailed it. It's also worth noting that DuVall now has as many albums with Alice In Chains as the late, great vocalist Layne Staley did.

"Jerry had the music and the chorus, but nothing else. We went into the studio in Seattle, and I stayed up all night creating the rest. When we click, we click hard. There’s no second guessing. The song isn’t just about [the musicians] we’ve lost – it’s also about those who remain in your life and how special that is."

Check out the full feature here.

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