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ADAGIO Appears To Be Done With Its First New Record Since 2009

It's got 8 strings this time!

It's got 8 strings this time!

Adagio released the ultra-heavy Archangels In Black in 2009 and then kept promising a new record, but never quite delivered. We got a few demos of new stuff in 2013 (below) but a new record still hasn't surfaced, despite promises the band was hitting the studio and even a few comments from the band regarding timetables for the record's release. So when the hell are we getting a followup to that excellent album? Right now it's looking like we'll almost definitely see it in 2016!

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This actually means a lot coming from guitarist Stéphan Forté as well, considering he's had the most going on considering his solo projects and everything. Plus, I'm not sure we can all handle the majestic heaviness of Adagio on 8 strings… I'm still excited, but now I'm a little fearful for my neck.

The new record will also be the debut of vocalist Kelley Carpenter, who you might remember from Rusty Cooley's Outworld.

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