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John Waters is into some grimy death metal.

John Waters

John Waters, the man behind Hairspray and Pink Flamingos (among others – dude's credentials go on for days), is into some pretty underground metal. Waters was spotted at Undergang's October 19 show at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD featuring openers Pissgrave, Putrisect, and Miasmatic Necrosis.

Footage has since surfaced from the show, though we're warning you now – there's not a single second featuring Waters moshing. While Waters' love of underground death metal is surprising, his love of music overall isn't. Waters emcees a punk-tinged festival named Mosswood Meltdown in Oakland, CA, with the next edition slated for July 6-7, 2024. No lineup has yet been announced.

On his emcee status at the festival and his love of punk, Waters said in a 2022 interview with 48 Hills: "Well, hopefully, I'm satirizing the punk world and at the same time embracing it. Just like every other thing I do, I make fun of everything I love. The punk rockers are the perfect audience because they're angry and have a good sense of humor about themselves and they love each other. So that's my kind of game."

As for the aformentioned bands, Undergang just released their new EP De syv stadier af fordærv in September and Pissgrave is still out there supporting their grotesque 2019 album Posthumous Humiliation. Scroll down and check out all four bands!

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