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According To NEVERMORE's Frontman, A New Record Should Happen Within Two Years

"But I don't know who will be in the band."

"But I don't know who will be in the band."

Back in February we posted about Nevermore being all done due to some wording in a press release and a statement from the label, despite the fact that vocalist Warrel Dane said the group wasn't dead in 2011. Now Dane is back again saying the group is not only far from over, but he's got lyrics all queued up for another record and hopes to have it out within the next two years. So sayeth a transcription of an interview by Blabbermouth.

"No, Nevermore is not dead. I have secret plans. I have secret plans. I had all the lyrics written for a new Nevermore record right after… When Jeff and Van [Williams, drums] both decided to leave the band… The band didn't break up. They left the band. I had all the lyrics written for the next [album] — all of them. [It was] kind of a conceptual thing and continuing with the tradition of all the Nevermore lyrics that were evolving and turning into a perpetual story. And there's a possibility that, yeah, there will be another [album]. There's support there from the record company, probably. There's support from other people involved in the business that would mean maybe it would be a good idea to do another one. So don't be surprised if there is a new Nevermore record within the next two years. But I don't know who will be in the band. All I can say is that I will be, Jim Sheppard [bass] will definitely be… I would love for Jeff Loomis to do it, but he's in Arch Enemy now, so I don't know if that's possible. Because we're not enemies. We don't talk much, but we're definitely not enemies. We didn't part on bad terms, so… We'll see."

I'm on board with all of this, but it sounds like Dane is making some assumptions that might not be true. He assumes the record label will be all about a new Nevermore record and then immediately follows that up with "probably." So I guess we'll see when Apr. 12, 2017 rolls around whether or not we've got a new Nevermore record in our ears or we're still patiently waiting for the pieces to fall in place.

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