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ABIGAIL WILLIAMS Working On New Record

Abigail Williams have announced that they are working on a new album…wait…didn't they just break up in like July? Apparently not as the band is already working on a new record.

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While touring in July the band released a statement saying that, "2012 is the perfect year for new beginnings and we definitely plan to put music out later this year in the form of a new band(s)" Which now sounds code for "we need to sell more tickets on this tour so come out and see us because you never ever, ever, ever, ever, will again." (note: Abigail Williams didn't actually say that) So this was either the quickest breakup in the history of breakups or Abigail Williams just needed more attention; either way it will forever remain a mystery.

The band's statement reads:

"New album coming in 2013… We are happy to announce that Ashley Ellyllon will rejoin Abigail Williams for our fourth full length album. Although we did not announce it or make it public she also worked on our last album ‘Becoming’ with us. Anyone with a CD booklet can see that though… wink wink."

Not much more concrete information is available like what the album will be called, when specifically it will be released or if Alan Cassidy who is currently touring with The Black Dahlia Murder will be joining them.

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