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7 HORNS 7 EYES Frontman Gives Exclusive Update On Upcoming Records

Records, as in there's more than one.

Records, as in there's more than one.

7 Horns 7 Eyes dropped Throes of Absolution in 2012 and then got really quiet for the remainder of the year and all of 2013. Admittedly, Throes of Absolution was one of my favorite records of 2012 by a long shot and still gets spun to this day (skip to the end of this post for some jams off it). It's a dark record that heavily treads the waters of enjoyable technicality all while retaining an immense size and heaviness to it.

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On Jan. 7, the band took to their Facebook to announce they're working on some form of new albums, which obviously got all 41,000 of us excited despite the lack of information.

I reached out to vocalist JJ Polachek, who also destroys universes with his voice in Ovid's Withering, for a some extra details. About losing a guitarist and a drummer:

"We've had some member changes but as of now we are back with Sean Alf who played lead guitar on Throes, and drums will be handled by Nick Pierce."

Well holy shit folks, Nick Pierce of Unearth is slamming the skins for 7 Horns 7 Eyes. Now about all that new music:

"As far as our plans for releasing music, all I can really say is we are working on a very large conceptual work that will be split into 3 releases that are somewhere in the middle of being EPs and full-lengths. Lots of guest musicians are being talked to about playing specific 'roles,' and we have big ideas about the scope of the music. It's going to be a lot more of what 7H7E already is. Longer songs, more lush ambient parts, more emotive melodies, more crushing heavy parts, and finally for the first time, blastbeats. We'll finally have fast songs! We're just amping up the drama and 'epic-ness' that we tried to achieve on Throes. We have about 30% of the whole project demo-ed out already, which honestly amounts to about 40 minutes of music right now. Not a lot in the scope of the whole project, but we plan on refining these songs until they are massive enough to deliver on 2 years of waiting."

Obviously there's no intended release date for the project considering it's not fully written yet, but it sounds like the band are really spreading their creative wings out. I'm also super happy about the fact that there's going to be some quicker songs on the album(s) since the bits of Throes that were fast were mind-numbingly brutal. These releases can't get into my ears fast enough.

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So let's jam some of Throes of Absolution, yeah?

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