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VOLBEAT's MICHAEL POULSEN Is Really Stoked About This One Danish Death Metal Band

Have you checked out Strychnos?

VBeat DM

Danish death metal band Strychnos just released their debut full-length album A Mother's Curse and they're being back by a famous fellow Dane – Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen. On all the band's social media accounts, Poulsen discussed his love of A Mother's Curse and urged everyone to listen to it. Which is one hell of a publicity boost for not only Strychnos, but death metal in general!

"Ladies, gentleman and rotten souls out there: Out of little Denmark comes this very strong debut full length record from Death/Black Metallers Strychnos," said Poulsen on social media. "It's been many years since I've heard such a strong, convincing debut release from a Danish band with international potential and a sound and 'stench' they seem to be born with, IN THE NAME OF S…. Check 'em out."

It's also zero percent surprising that Poulsen is paying attention to the death metal scene. Dude fronted Dominus for nearly a decade and even dedicated a song on their latest record to the memory of the late and great Entombed frontman L.G. Petrov.

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"That was just the essence of how I wanted death metal to sound like."