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UNENDLICH Destroys All With New Single "Into Abandonment"

A melodic, blackened take on death metal.


Unendlich, the solo project of Michael Connors, is now streaming a new single titled "Into Abandonment". If you're big on slow-burning riffs that pick up in a blackened frenzy as the song marches on, then you're going to love this.

"From Unendlich’s 4th album, Paradox of a Broken World, 'Into Abandonment' encapsulates a devolution from logical reasoning to violent reaction," said Connors. "It is the entropic release of emotion when one can no longer be apathetic to the noise and routine of the world.

"The larger themes of the album touch on the failures of modern civilization and observes the fragility of society vs. what humanity is as an animal. We attempt to simplify, yet add complexity. We save time only to waste it. We have an abundance of information, yet remain ignorant. We praise our solutions, while creating the problems. Civilization is unwilling to accept its own hypocrisy and inevitability of decline. This is the race to the end."

Unendlich will release Paradox of a Broken World on July 9. Pre-orders are available here.

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Diverse sounding melodic black metal from a Maryland unit who can't help but to grow!