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TOOTHGRINDER's New Song "The Silence Of A Sleeping WASP" Is Pretty Catchy

Definitely heavier than they've been.

toothgrinder 2019

Toothgrinder has released yet another track off their coming record I AM, and as usual it's pretty catchy. The band's new song "The Silence Of A Sleeping WASP" is definitely heavier than previous efforts from the band, though is a much more stripped-down version of their old progressive metal selves. Not to say this is any better or worse – just a very different version of Toothgrinder.

Here's what vocalist Justin Payne Matthews had to say about the track.

"'The Silence of a Sleeping WASP' is a lyrical sequel to our song 'The Shadow' from our last album Phantom Amour. There is so much that surrounds Carl Jung's concept of the shadow that has to deal with addiction and alcoholism. I absolutely knew that I had to write another song to commemorate the concept for the new album. I believe that humans, over time through evolution, have developed an area of the brain that connects all of us. A hive mind or a 'spiritual' gland, if you will. I believe it hums and radiates a frequency, but when we shut it down and keep it silent, the darkness can escape the shadow self."

I AM is out October 11.

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