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THOU Streams Crushing Cover of ALICE IN CHAINS' "Them Bones"

Oh absolutely hell yes, this rules.


Thou is the latest band to stream their contribution to the upcoming Dirt (Redux) tribute album, which sees 13 bands covering Alice In Chains' entire Dirt record front to back. You can hear Thou's crushing yet somehow true-to-the-original version of "Them Bones" below, as well as Khemmis' "Down in a Hole" here and These Beasts' "Sickman" here.

Dirt (Redux) features the following artists covering the corresponding tracks from Dirt:

  1. Thou – "Them Bones"
  2. Low Flying Hawks – "Dam That River"
  3. High Priest – "Rain When I Die"
  4. Khemmis – "Down in a Hole"
  5. These Beasts – "Sickman"
  6. Howling Giant – "Rooster"
  7. Forming the Void – "Junkhead"
  8. Somnuri – "Dirt"
  9. Backwoods Payback – "God Smack"
  10. Black Electric – "Iron Gland"
  11. -(16)- – "Hate to Feel"
  12. Vokonis – "Angry Chair"
  13. The Otolith – "Would?"

Pre-order Dirt (Redux) here before its September 18 release date.

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