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Things shall be entirely more sluggish… or fast. Or both!

Things shall be entirely more sluggish... or fast. Or both!

Slugdge, the kickass slug-themed death metal band, was always guitarist Kev Pearson and vocalist Matt Moss. The band's fourth album Esoteric Malacology is still that duo, but now that the album is out and has garnered the band quite a bit of attention, Slugdge has officially expanded their lineup.

Joining Pearson and Moss is now The Black Dahlia Murder drummer Alan Cassidy and Novena bassist Matt Lowe. Cassidy added about his joining that is new responsibilities will not cause him to leave The Black Dahlia Murder.

"As soon as I heard [Slugdge's 2014 album] Gastronomicon's first riff I knew it was great. The dark melodic opening hooked me immediately. I knew they were a two-piece. I've been telling Kev for years that I'd love to put some real drums to it!"

If you haven't heard Slugdge's newest album just yet, please do so below. I know that a "slug-themed death metal band" might sound like it's a little cheesy, but Slugdge is far, far away from being a joke band.

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