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THE ACACIA STRAIN Members Launch Crushing New Band GRIME REAPER

Devin Shidaker and Matt Guglielmo are brutal.

Grime Reaper

Grime Reaper is the filthy new band featuring Devin Shidaker (The Acacia Strain) on vocals, guitar, and bass, with Matt Guglielmo (The Acacia Strain, End) on drums and production duties. Because apparently cranking out riffs for several The Acacia Strain albums per year isn't enough, right?

Seriously though Grime Reaper's debut single "Universal Exsanguination" is streaming below and it's fucking brutal. Which you'll be tipped off to immediately with a snare count-in and pick scrape riffs. Check it out below and get yourself some Grime Reaper merch here.

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