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TEMPLE OF VOID Releases Doomy New Single "The Transcending Horror"

Their new album Summoning the Slayer is available June 3.

temple of void

Detroit death-doom juggernaut Temple of Void will be releasing their Relapse Records debut, Summoning the Slayer, on June 3. But in the meantime, a third single from the album has been released, "The Transcending Horror." An audio-only video can be seen below.

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Summoning The Slayer was produced, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Sumerlands, Candy), and given artwork by Ola Larsson. Pre-orders are available here. You can also check the band out on our ongoing Commute playlist (alongside plenty of other great artists) here.

According to a press release for Relapse, the Michigan-based quintet—Alex Awn (guitars), Don Durr (guitars), Mike Erdody (vocals), Jason Pearce (drums), and Brent Satterly (bass)—"hunkered down during the last two years, expanding upon their brand of fusty, artfully brutish death-doom with equal parts process and imagination. The outcome is an album that feels massive yet sepulchral, exploratory yet distinguishable—as if crafted deep below and inspired by all the things (mentally and physically) that come with their subterranean endeavor.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, SumerlandsSummoning the Slayer pairs long-time influences and non-metal vectors into hulking columns of heavy and desolation. Tracks such as 'Deathtouch,' 'Hex, Curse, & Conjuration,' and 'The Transcending Horror' showcase Temple of Void's death-doom at its heights and their massive, crushing lows. But the group's fourth album is more than that. The album's capper, 'Dissolution,' is one example of the Detroiters stretching out, the song's '70s rock/singer-songwriter motifs hitting The Moody Blues and Nick Drake hard. Lyrically, Summoning the Slayer eschews commonplace horror tropes with a deeper, broader psychological discussion of the self."

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