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RUSH's ALEX LIFESON Streams Instrumental Song Written In 2012 After High Times Interview

An especially spacey affair.

Alex Lifeson, courtesy of Epiphone

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson is now streaming an instrumental song called "Cherry Lopez Lullaby." Lifeson points out that he wrote this song after smoking some weed that a grower brought along during an interview with High Times. So maybe consider packing a bowl before hitting play on this one.

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"This was written during the mix session of Clockwork Angels while in L.A. for months starting early 2012. I did an interview with High Times and the interviewer brought along a friend, an esteemed grower who provided a sample of his creation named Cherry Lopez. Because I was on an EST body clock, I was up most mornings @ 5:00 AM. I'd order coffee, sit on my hotel room balcony, read the paper and wake and bake then dive into making some fun sounds while the city was waking up.

"I had some borrowed acoustic and electric guitars for the duration, thankfully, as sitting around waiting to go to the studio was tedious and certainly, a bowl of Cherry kept my appetite healthy."

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