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POEMA ARCANVS Offer Old School Doom Worship with "Haven"


Chilean doom outfit, Poema Arcanvs plan to release their new album Stardust Solitude on August 28th.As such, the band have prepared one more single to unleash onto the world. Thanks to Poema Arcanvs, you can listen to the new song “Haven” now. “Haven” takes all of the NWOBHM style that the original doom metal bands have to offer, such as Black Sabbath and even Candlemass. They take these tones and morph them into something beautiful and chilling.

POEMA ARCANVS Offer Old School Doom Worship with "Haven"

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Taking tips for guitarists such as Tony Iommi, Lars Johansson, and Niel Blanchett, Poema Arcanvs guitarist Igor Lieva sculpts the song to what fits him. From the haunting tone of the verses and chorus with vocalist Claudio Carrasco chanting over top. Up to the solo present in the second half of the song. With the technical, but slightly laid back drumming maintaining the rhythm. As well as the stomping, thunderous bass that doom is known for, “Haven” is a spectacular song any fans of Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride would kill for.

As mentioned above, Poema Arcanvs are happy, or as happy as you can be in this genre, to present their new song “Haven” for you all to hear. “Haven” comes from the band’s new album Stardust Solitude which is out on the 28th of August through Transcending Obscurity Records. Also, if you like good merch, take a look at their long sleeves and hoodies on their Bandcamp, they did some incredible work with those and they look amazing.

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