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NIDARE Looks At Those That Abuse Power In Blackened New Single "Unwesen"

Not exactly friendly toward those on a power trip.


Nidare is now streaming their furious new single "Unwesen." Sure, the single sounds furious in all its blackened rage, but the band explains that its concept and lyrical content match the music perfectly.

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"'Unwesen' (engl. mischief) deals with the views and attitude of a person that is part of the police," said the band. "From the idea to look at themselves as leaders that have to guide others with the right to use violence at their own discretion, up to a fully distorted view on society that doesn't protect but marginalizes the weakest and only protects a corrupt and capitalistic system. 'Unwesen' is a clear dissociation from everyone being a part, defending or tolerating this system."

Nidare will release their new record Von Wegen on December 16. Pre-orders are available here.

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