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MASSACRE Announces New EP Mythos, Drops New Single Featuring CADAVER Vocalist

Anders Odden brings the brutality.


Coming off a hot set at Maryland Deathfest last week, Florida death metal band Massacre continue to crush through everything they come across. Now, they plan to crush your eardrums with a brand-new EP Mythos on July 1 via Nuclear Blast Records. The first single from the EP is “Behind the Serpent’s Curse,” featuring Cadaver’s Anders Odden on guest vocals, and also includes the b-side, “The Dunwich Horror”

In discussing the new tracks, Massacre vocalist Kam Lee said, "'Behind the Serpent's Curse' is lyrically inspired by and roughly based on the [H.P.] Lovecraft short story The Curse Of Yig but is also the most metaphorically lyrical based song I've written in Massacre, and that is directly inspired by actual real-life circumstances. It acts like a warning of sorts and is a foretelling of how it's been like dealing with certain toxic individuals in my life. It indirectly relates to individuals who always seem to come in pairs, and how, like serpents these people spread their venomous poison (lies). I also had guest vocalist Anders Odden (Cadaver) join me on this particular track because lyrically it is very similar in theme to the Cadaver track "Feed The Pigs" that I made a guest appearance on. Having two distinct vocalist on a track that lyrically is based on the concepts of duality of untrusting individuals wasn't just an afterthought either, I always intended this track to be represented by two vocalist.

“’The Dunwich Horror' is a more traditional track in both lyrical approach and aesthetics. It's just basically loosely based upon the Lovecraft story of the same name, but still resonates upon the core theme of twins. Two seemingly evil brother abominations brought into this world by a grotesque and hideous matriarch. I guess one could say I am suggesting that behind every pair of twin lying toxic men is always an equally conniving female antagonist. Yeah, sure, I'm simply reflecting upon my own past experiences, but it seems to be the case in a lot of similar circumstances.

Massacre rose up from the dank swamps of Southern Florida riding a wave of death metal popularity shared by bands like Death, Obituary, and others. Stylistically, these new tracks reflect that similar old-school death metal style that was heard on Massacre’s 2021 full-length LP Resurgence. It’s a core ingredient that the band refuses to surrender. Pre-orders/pre-saves for Mythos can be found here.

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