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LOWRIDER Bring The Riffs On A Brand New Song!

Get in here for the latest from the Swedish stoner rock kings!

lowrider swedish band

Lowrider, the Swedish stoner rock legends are back with "Ode To Ganymede." It's another single from their first album in 20 years, Refractions. After being out of the game for so long, one would forgive a band for slipping up . However, if this new track is any indication, Lowrider are better than ever.

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"Ode To Ganymede,"  descends into riffy guitar solo driven magic and is a continual reminder of just how talented Lowrider were, and evidently still are! So many of the classic Lowrider tropes are there. You get the sense though that the band has tapped into something more. It's as if their take on stoner rock has advanced and they have uncovered a new side of the genre. Atmospheric and powerful, 'Ode to Ganymede' is an offering you won't soon forget. It's our honor to premier it for you today.

The band had this to say:

'Ode to Ganymede' is the track that kicked off and inspired the writing process for Refractions, and pretty much sums up what we wanted to do with this record… It started out as a demo with this really cool drum groove and a single bend note riff on top. It was in sections, instrumental – we loved it, but never really knew what to do with it. After years of letting it marinate, we kept coming back to it and realized that this is the way forward – give in to all the cool ideas and just combine them all and let the songs progress and flow the way they want, without being hindered by what’s “right”. Ode to Ganymede is in a lot of ways a return to the immediate, inspired writing of our split EP with Nebula, and a beacon showing where we need to head going forward.

Stream it now!

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