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LAVABORNE Streams 80s Infused Power Doom Album Black Winged Gods

Lavaborne 2021 (1)

Don your best battle vest and prepare for the flashbang of 80s resurgence that is Lavaborne. The Indianapolis based "power doom" outfit have bore us a heavy amalgamation stomping sludge, gloomy doom, and classic leather and studs metal that is a modern twist on the past.

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For those of us who grew up listening to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, and the eighties era Ozzy and Sabbath, Black Winged Gods will hold a certain level of excitement and nostalgia, as the influences of the powerhouse that was the 80s is super clear.

Vocalist Chris Latta comments: "Black Winged Gods is the album that I’ve wanted to make ever since I was seventeen blaring Sabbath and Maiden in my basement. I worked harder on this album than literally anything else I’ve ever done in my life, and my bandmates did a fantastic job in bringing these songs to life. I’m also exceedingly grateful for the people who’ve supported us so far, especially Sean at Wise Blood Records. We hope you dig the album!"

“The lyrics on Black Winged Gods are primarily based on fantasy, religion, and mythology. [There are] a lot of standard metal tropes, but they come with certain twists or questions rather than playing them straight. A song like “The Great Reward” turns the idea of dying in a war for one’s country on its head. “Mortal Pride” uses the Tower of Babel to question religious authority. And “Master of Medusa” invites the listener to see the true face behind the monster.”

Give it a spin and pre-order your copies HERE.

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