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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Frontman's Punk Project THE WEAPON Just Released A New EP

Jeese Leech is about to rage. Hard.

Jeese Leech is about to rage. Hard.

Killswitch Engage frontman Jeese Leach recently stated the band is working on a brand new studio album whilst out on the road, but it wouldn't be the first time this year that Leach would be in the studio

Leach has been working on his brand new punk band The Weapon, which was in the studio for late last month. Now, Leach and crew have dropped a brand new two-song EP digitally. Leach tells Revolver that he'd like to get it out on vinyl sooner or later alongside way more music from The Weapon.

We are not striving for perfection, just feeling. With Killswitch and Times, it's very polished and precise. It can be tiring and tedious. Don't get me wrong, I love it and I'm very fortunate to do both of those bands, but to me, the Weapon is for fun and for the love of hardcore! On top of that, I can go in a little more hard on the lyrics and I don't have to concern myself with melodies or singing a part near perfect. I am not a fan of unflawed "perfect" sounding vocals — clearly, if you've seen me live — so it's a breath of fresh air to just belt it out and be done. Each song, I did three full takes, picked the best one and slapped backups on them and it was done in 45 minutes tops.

Check it out below and keep an eye out for more The Weapon music hopefully soon!

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