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ISENORDAL Drops Cover Of HIS HERO IS GONE's "Headless/Heartless"

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Satanik Royalty Records will release Various Artists: Monuments To Arson – A Tribute To His Hero Is Gone on September 30, and we're streaming Isenordal's cover of "Headless/Heartless" right now! This is a great introduction to the legendary (and short-lived) His Hero Is Gone if you never checked them out, and a solid impetus ot go discover more Isenordal.

"Since our teenage years members of Isenordal have been contributing to the punk community, and while Isenordal is a metal band, our hearts and minds have been directly inspired by bands like His Hero Is Gone. When we found out about the Monuments To Arson comp we jumped on the chance to take part in it, and we're also excited that it benefits a good cause.

"'Headless/Heartless' stood out as the song that we felt we could best re-imagine while still keeping the integrity of the original intact. Isenordal brings our own unique funeral doom energy to this cover setting it apart from the original, but anyone who is familiar with His Hero Is Gone will instantly recognize it."

Additionally, all digital and vinyl proceeds (minus shipping costs) from Monuments To Arson will be donated to the Fairbanks Native Association, an indigenous organization that assists with drug and alcohol dependency, mental wellness, and more. Pre-orders are available here digitally and here on vinyl (vinyl ships in March 2023).

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