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IN FLAMES' New Version of "Pinball Map" Is Less Bad Than Other Clayman Re-Recordings, But Still Bad

Again, just listen to the original. For your health.


In FlamesClayman is my favorite release by the band and maybe one of my all-time favorite metal albums of all time. As I've mentioned in recent years, I am not a fan of the band's Gothenburg easy listening sound, but of course respect the band for doing what they want. It's just not what I want. And what I definitely didn't want or need is these re-recorded versions of their classics from twenty years ago.

The deluxe 20th anniversary edition of Clayman arrives on August 28th, but today the band released the Clayman 2020 EP, which features four re-recorded tracks, which seem to take all the soul and heavy out of the originals. The tracks are "Clayman,"  “Only for the Weak,” “Bullet Ride,” and “Pinball Map” plus one instrumental.

Here is the re-recording of "Pinball Map." If you've never heard the original, please just go listen to that one.

Here is the instrumental that comes on the album, followed by the other re-recorded tracks.

Again, just listen to the original. For your health.

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