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FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE Pay Tribute To BRITNEY SPEARS With New Symphonic Death Metal Track "No"

fleshgod apocalypse britney spears

Did we just hear what we think we heard? If you play the new Fleshgod Apocalypse song all the way through, one of the last verses seems like a tribute to the Britney Spears breakout hit "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

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Loudwire were the first to notice, and it's no coincidence or a sound alike, it's very clearly a tribute to the classic melody. Operatic vocalist Veronica Bordacchini, who contributes to the track sings “Your laziness is killing me / I must confess I still believe / ‘Cause what you do makes me lose my mind / Give me a sign.”

It's virtually word for word with the Britney lines “My loneliness is killing me / I must confess I still believe / When I'm not with you I lose my mind / Give me a sign, hit me baby one more time.”

While frontman Francesco Paoli didn't comment on the Britney nod, he did have this to say about the song

"We live in a world where people are searching for easy answers to complex questions,” says frontman Francesco Paoli. “Self-styled gurus, fake news and miracle pills show up on screen as the silver bullet that may cast out all your fears and troubles. If you need shortcuts to dominate the intricate reality we live in, be aware that the outcome might not be what you expect. Will you find a way to save this world on Google? No. Will things change if we don't act? No. Will self-delusions lead us somewhere? No. Can music, and art in general, help us cope with this chaos? Absolutely yes. This release marks another milestone for our line-up, featuring Veronica, Fabio and Eugene as official band members."

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The Britney tribute starts at 3:23
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