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FIRE-TOOLZ Is Somewhere Between Jazz, New Age & Industrial Black Metal

This is wild as hell.

A photo of Fire-Toolz mastermind Angel Marcloid

Fire-Toolz is the project of producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Angel Marcloid. I originally discovered Fire-Toolz through Adam Neely and Ben Levin's creation of an entire album in 24 hours, and was subsequently blown the fuck away by the Eternal Home album in 2021. Eternal Home is 25 tracks and nearly 70 minutes of easily some the most original music I've ever heard. Eternal Home spans everything from gentle new age and almost vaporwave/'90s video game OST-type nostalgia, to industrial destruction and viscerally distorted black metal vocals. It's incredible.

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Now Fire-Toolz is back with a brand new EP called I will not use the body's eyes today. and we've got two brand new singles to check out "Soda Lake With Game Genie" certainly taps into the more new age-y type sound prevalent throughout Fire-Toolz's music, though with a heavier backing and some Myrone-esque soloing. Then there's "Vedic Software ~ Wet Interfacing" which sounds like a computer listening to Squarepusher and trying to figure out what the fuck is happening.

Or as the EP's description partially reads, "As impossible as it is to succinctly characterize any Fire-Toolz track, much less the chimeric sum total of the project as a whole, I will not use the body’s eyes today. offers listeners a world map of relative touchstones to steer them down Marcloid's winding paths."

Look. Fire-Toolz isn't going to be for everyone, and anyone looking for a traditionally "heavy" experience with little variation is probably going to lose patience fast… but ultimately, that's their loss. Fire-Toolz a refreshing take on a lot of the usual metal elements (screamed vocals, pummeling blasting, etc.) by recontextualizing them in a whole new way. I will not use the body's eyes today. is out on October 11 and pre-orders are available here. I'm also embedding Eternal Home below as well because you really, truly do need to listen to it. I hope it has the same impact on you that it did on me.

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