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EYE FLYS Announces Self-Titled Album, Unleash Pummeling New Single "Sleep Forever"

A scathing indictment of late-stage capitalism, delivered with exhilarating ferocity and urgency.


Noise rockers Eye Flys – now a trio, comprised by vocalist and guitarist Jake Smith of Backslider, bassist Kevin Bernsten of Triac, and drummer Patrick Forrest – are set to release their self-titled album on January 26th, and it's a heavy one. Expanding on their formidable debut Tub of Lard, their new offering is anything but subtle: it's a sledgehammering, unapologetic, and ferocious record that refuses to pull any punches.

Smith brings his sharp humor and a touch of venom with every bestial growl, while his dirty riffs claw their way into your soul. The rhythm section of Bernsten and Forrest cuts to the bone, driving the album forward with a relentless force.

Eye Flys are giving us a taste of what's to come with the first single, "Sleep Forever." Brace yourself, because when you hit play, this track erupts like a sonic volcano, unleashing a relentless, infernal groove that obliterates everything in its path. Smith's guitar work rises like toxic smoke, leaving nothing but devastation in its wake.

Throughout the album, Eye Flys explore the dark side of modern living, from the alienation of the workplace to the despair of the marginalized. But they also offer a glimmer of hope, suggesting that there is still a way to fight back against the forces that would keep us down.

So, press play on Eye Flys' new single and let the noise wash over you. It's a cleansing experience that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to fight back.

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