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EXHORDER Streams Gritty Cover Of MOTÖRHEAD's "Sacrifice"

As gritty as it ever was.

Exhorder Motorhead

Lemmy has referred to Sacrifice as one of his favorite albums, even though, when it was all said and done, would culminate in the departure of Würzel (guitarist Michael Richard Burston, RIP). To help support Lemmy's love of Sacrifice, let's read through his very Lemmy liner notes for Motörhead's 1995 release, the band's twelfth: 

"This is a very good album. Put it in your system and your girlfriend's clothes fall off. Yes, friends, get a copy of Proto-rich, stainless, eco-friendly, asbestos-free, non-toxic, harmless to pits, sincere, recyclable, individually wrapped Sacrifice, and hordes of huge naked women/men/goats will come round to your house and rub themselves all over you!! In the nicest possible, non-role model, respectful way. One copy of stain-resistant Sacrifice and you will increase your bust measurement by 2" or your money back. Good luck, and go lie down.”

Now that's a hell of an endorsement. And Exhorder brings the same kind of grit and thunder Motörhead was known for with their cover of "Sacrifice." The Louisiana band's version is decidedly heavy and goes well with all forms of headbanging, the more chaotic the better. Vocalist Kyle Thomas spoke about the band's choice in detail while they were in the studio recording "Sacrifice":

"We chose that song because (Exhorder bassist) Jason Viebrooks toured with Motörhead when he was in Grip Inc. and Motörhead was out on tour for the album Sacrifice. He had a strong connection with the song and we all listened to it and yeah, it fits this band. Me, I first remember hearing about Motörhead while I was still in grade school. When I first heard them I was like oh wow, that's just so powerful. It's big and there are no frills. Lemmy's vocals are extremely identifiable. When you hear Motörhead, there is no mistaking it is Motörhead. The original lineup of Fast Eddie, Philthy Animal Taylor, and Lemmy I just connected with. They were so real. As I started getting into crossover and punk I started noticing how much the punk rockers connected with Motörhead just as much as the metalheads. That definitely connected with me for sure."

Thomas's nod to the Motörhead/Punk connection is right on. And so is Exhorder's contribution, the latest track from the upcoming Motörhead tribute,  Löve Me Förever: A Tribute to Motörhead which is now available on all digital streaming platforms and for digital download as well as 2LP lavish oxblood waxx at PsychoWaxx.Com. You can watch Exhorder putting their own spin on Motörhead's "Sacrifice" (filmed live in the studio) below.

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