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ENEFERENS Releases An EP To Help Raise Funds After Home Invasion

It's a really, really good EP too – acoustic doom! Y'know, since his guitars got stolen.

It's a really, really good EP too – acoustic doom! Y'know, since his guitars got stolen.

We've covered Eneferens before, and for good reason – the guy makes extremely well-done doom metal. Unfortunately this time, our coverage has less to do with premiering his music, and more to do trying to help the guy out after his apartment was broken into and his gear was stolen.

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Eneferens mastermind Jori Apedaile says "3 guitars, my bass, and a hard drive. Of the guitars stolen was my prized 7-string Ibanez Iceman, which I used for absolutely everything regarding Eneferens," so help the dude out! He's released an awesome new acoustic EP called Eventide, which you can stream below and pick up here, or you can just toss the dude a few bucks via GoFundMe.

We hope Apedaile's gear is recovered, and the person or persons responsible for this are arrested and charged accordingly.

An unfortunate thing has happened and my apartment was burglarized a couple of days ago. Someone stole my prized guitars and everything Eneferens-related is now on pause because of it. In order to make good from a bad situation, I have recorded a 4-track EP with what remaining equipment I have. All sales from this album will go towards replacing the gear that was stolen from me so that I can continue recording the new full-length album and playing live. You can get the album for $3 or more directly on bandcamp, or you can get it from donating on the GoFundMe page. Anything you can do to help is immensely appreciated. I can't wait to get back to making beautiful music for you to enjoy! Thank you.


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