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DISTURBED Streams "Unstoppable," Calls For Unity With New Record Divisive

"Our society has become addicted to outrage."


After months of teasing and even dropping an initial single, Disturbed has announced their new record Divisive for November 18. The band is now streaming the new single "Unstoppable," which to be fair does harken back to the band's older and heavier days as they'd teased it would. As for the topic of Divisive, vocalist David Draiman said it deal with the constant modern outrage and the idea that music can bring us all together.

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"Partisan tribal warfare has become a part of our regular existence nowadays. It’s one big battle of the cliques. The whole idea of the record is to be a wakeup call for everyone," said Draiman.

"Our society has become addicted to outrage. Music is the best cure for what ails us though. If only everyone reached out and used it. There's no better environment to forget about all of this shit than live music. We can be together and realize we have more in common than not. Recognize what’s happening and let's make a change for the better."

Guitarist Dan Donegan revealed the tracklist for Divisive on his Instagram this morning, noting that Heart vocalist Ann Wilson has a guest spot on the song "Don't Tell Me." On that duet, Donegan said "Yes, that's legendary Ann Wilson from Heart with us on track #7 'Don’t Tell Me.' Wait til' you hear David Draiman and Ann Wilson's voices together."

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