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Die On Your Ride With TENGGER CAVALRY's Meditative "Die On My Ride"

Throat singing and plenty of heaviness.

Throat singing and plenty of heaviness.

Tengger Cavalry may very well be one of the most unique bands in metal right now, if only because the music is so rooted in Mongolian and Central Asian culture without it becoming a silly gimmick. Dudes can write a song, and our premiere of "Die On My Ride" only goes to further prove that assertion. Plus, dudes didn't play Carnegie Hall because they're a bunch of amateurs who can't captivate an audience with ease.

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Tengger Cavalry will be releasing a record called Die On My Ride come June 2 via M-Theory Audio, and frontman Nature G. is absolutely stoked to show you all the album!

Die On My Ride is a rather different album than all of our previous releases. This album reaches a more personal place for us in comparison to our other albums and tracks. On this album, we discuss personal struggle surrounding identity conflicts, racial discrimination and individual freedoms. I think an important part of existing in modern society is learning to accept one another for who we are and embrace our differences, and to look beyond that to find a deeper connection between each race or ethnic group. Coming from a different place and walking the line between the Mongolian music world and American music world is sometimes challenging for me. I see all kinds of stereotyping and people throwing hatred, prejudice and judgment at one other because of arrogance, insecurity or simply a lack of understanding. This creates a huge identity conflict for individuals. These concepts make up a lot of what this album is about. Being yourself, pushing past judgment from others, being strong and fighting for your individual freedoms.”

Pre-order Die On My Ride here physically, and here digitally.

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