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CYNIC Frontman Paul Masvidal To Release First Solo Album Mythical Next Month

The first of three.

The first of three.

Cynic frontman Paul Masvidal originally announced he'd be doing a trilogy of solo records back in August 2018. Masvidal is now making good on his promise by announcing the first installment titled Mythical, which is due out May 31. The trilogy is called Mythical Human Vessel, so it might be safe to assume the other records will be called Human and Vessel.

Here's a little information on how Masvidal went about composing the music.

At the center of Masvidal's experiment is the use of Isochronic tones, a "brain-entrainment" technology. Isochronics are said to produce bio-chemical reactions in the body that increase serotonin, alleviate depression and stress, improve focus, and aid in restful sleep, similar to the effects of exposure to negative ions in nature.

Through its incorporation of Isochronic tones, Mythical Human Vessel is intended as "an inherently relaxing listening experience, and adding the tones multiplied the benefits," Masvidal says. "More serotonin for all!"

Throughout all three volumes of Mythical Human Vessel, the sound of undulating and sweeping frequencies in slow and rapid succession act as a subliminal agent to affect the listener positively and help to create a deeper connection to the songs themselves.

Mythical Human Vessel was mixed and produced by Warren Riker, and you can check out the debut single "The Spaces" below. Pre-orders are available here.

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