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COREY TAYLOR Streams Angsty New Love Song, "Beyond"

But what does Corey Taylor think of new Corey Taylor?

corey taylor

We've known that there's new Corey Taylor in the pipes for a while now—new album CMF2 is expected later this year—and today we get the first taste in the form of angsty love song "Beyond."

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If you're a fan of Taylor's work with Stone Sour, there's a lot to dig about "Beyond," where Taylor largely sings melodically but works in a few good screams. The lyrics could also totally be from an unreleased Stone Sour track.

“I originally wrote it as an aggressive romantic song, but I'm also looking at it now as a kind of ‘come together’ song," Taylor says. "Bringing the masses together, and letting them know that I want my music to take them beyond what they may think about me. Maybe they’ve had a misconception about me. It’s not exactly a calling card, more like throwing the bat signal up and being ‘alright, let's turn everything on its head.’ It’s almost a dual threat, because now I look at it from two standpoints.”

Speaking more about the writing process, he said:

“That’s a song that over the years I’ve re-written like four or five times. It just, it was close but it was never there. Especially musically and lyrically. The arrangement stayed pretty much the same but for the most part there were certain parts that I re-wrote from scratch, I totally re-wrote the lyrics. It wasn’t until I really decided I was going to really focus on that tune that I could really kind of take the time and find the best ways to make it the best song possible—and it really came together.

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"As soon as we started putting it together like that and allowing the band to really kind of add their own spin on this stuff, it was no holds barred: Here we go, this is gonna be rad."

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