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BOOK OF WYRMS Brings the Baked Riffs With New Song "Colossal Yield"

FFO: Messa, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Hawkwind, Blood Ceremony, etc.


Books of Wyrms has something special here. It's not quite desert-baked stoner rock, but it's also not quite psych rock. There's a little double bass floating around, there are some odd synths here and there, and there's a hook! Whatever the hell Book of Wyrms is, you're about to get hook on it too with our premiere of their new song "Colossal Yield".

"'Colossal Yield' started as a guitar and drums jam session that inspired a thought experiment: what if a plant got so good at absorbing nutrients that it gained consciousness and ate everything and everyone around it? Those weird noises are the plants talking to each other," said the band.

Book of Wyrms will release Occult New Age on May 7. Pre-orders are available here.

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